Koku Cast Radio - Episode 2

The Koku Cast Radio Episode 2 is here! This week we bring the heat! Dylan, Joey, Yousif, and Kevin discuss a few top news over the past week with Left 4 Dead 2, 1 vs.100, LucasArts announcement, PSP Go, and the new PS3 bundle. As always, a discussion of games we've played. And this week, the debate turned discussion: "Can Current Next-Gen Games Provide The Same Sense of Nostalgia 'Old-School' Games Do." And of course, the genius that is Yousif provides us with his closing comments.

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Ziriux3213d ago

Great podcast guys. It seems like it's been a slow week in gaming news. Only fun release this week is Battlefield 1943.

Skivvo3213d ago

Still going well, just listening now. You're definately right about it being a slow week!

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