Edge: Battlefield 1943 Review

Edge writes: "Three levels provide for the conquest gametype familiar to the series, while another, Coral Sea, is pure air combat. Variety has always been Battlefield's defining feature, and drawing out a single facet of play will not be to everyone's taste – but its place on the matchmaking rota is optional. Even with only four levels, the game is a more than generous serving: for less than a quarter of Bad Company's release price, this is the choice cut of its better half – multiplayer. And this is a yet more pacy, extravagant affair, tapping directly into the whims of the player who just wants to cover a plane in det-packs and plough it into an aircraft carrier. Strategy is subordinate to a sense of fun – and you wonder if that's what the series needed all along. A perfectly sized, expertly crafted romp, Pacific gives other download games their marching orders".

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omni_atlas3300d ago

Wasn't expecting this score; but then again its Edge and most of their scores are pretty random anyway.

9 huh. That beats out L4D edge score of 8 in terms of multiplayer fun.

callahan093300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Aaah, what's the use in trying to understand Edge's review scores. They've got some off the wall tastes in my opinion.

glennc3300d ago

they review the game on what it is. this is a cut down xbox arcade version, so they reviewed it as such. you can't compare arcade to retail. common sense