LittleBigPlanet Demo Coming Soon

Co-founder of Media Molecule confirms that a free PS3 demo of LittleBigPlanet will be hitting the PSN soon.

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MasterChief36243300d ago

About damn time, ha! :P

Too bad most people who wanted the game already bought it/are buying it as we speak ;)

Isis063300d ago

that wanted the game is not the kind of folks they are after,
they are trying to reach those that didn't get a chance to try it out.
Cos, as every LBP player knows is that once you try this game you fall in love.

gaffyh3300d ago

@1.1 - that is sooooo true

darthv723300d ago

Not sure why it would take so long. Basically they could take the beta that was available some time ago and turn that into the demo. What kinds of tweaks would need to be made to do such a thing?

I was in the beta and it was cool for a while. I can say I didnt get it when it was released. If there is some tie in between the psp and ps3 then maybe I will pick up both. I like it when there are special connections between the port and console version of games.

Some of the best I have played are GeoWars on the wii (has full geo wars retro for DS). Resistance 2 and Retribution. I dont care for the plus mode but I dig the infected. LoZ Wind Waker using the GBA is kind of cool. I also like the PacMan for the GC using the gba to see the whole screen while my kids play the ghosts using the reg cont.

If done right, there can be benefit for both the portable and console to work together.

gaffyh3299d ago

The disagree fairy is on the loose...

poopsack3299d ago

they were probably waiting for sales of the game to slow down, that way a demo couldnt really hurt sales of the game, just add to them.

IrishAssa3299d ago

Played the beta and found it boring

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tripewire3300d ago

Masterchief is right. Most anyone who wanted the game would already have/played it.

Of course if they are dropping the price of the console to a more consumer-friendly price bracket, a demo on the PSN makes a great deal of sense. Not that sense and Sony are two words that are often used in the same sentence this gen.

Just saying.

drdre743300d ago

this is a waste of time. they need to add create a level online with friends. that was a major selling point before the game came out that they have yet to add.

gaffyh3300d ago

I think they are still working on that, they mentioned it a while ago, I just can't remember where

SpoonyRedMage3300d ago

It would make sense if it was the PSP version.:S

guitarded773300d ago

What are they... 8 months late to the party?

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The story is too old to be commented.