Top 10 routes to budget-friendly gaming - Flytrap Games

Flytrap writes: "Times are hard, innit. The banks are about as sturdy as Lady Gaga's dress sense. Mega-corporations are nose-diving left, right and centre into a mire of toxic assets. The price of tinned beans at our local grocer is a whole two pence higher than it was last year.

Caught between the tidal wave of rising prices and the rocky shores of worsening job prospects, how will your gaming habit stay afloat? Never fear, Flytrap is here (as always) with a few budget-friendly hints and tips.

Stick to at least three of our 10 gamer's crunch-survival strategies, and you'll be pwning n00bs long after your friends start snacking on their own roof insulation and selling their offspring to the Army."

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