Eurogamer Germany: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 Review "Last year, I was quite sure that EA has the last touch, one or two true aces in the sleeves and keep the HD version of PGA Tour 10 for the corresponding 10-Rated mature leaves. In that regard disappointed Tiger Woods PG Tour 10 at a very high level with still miserable commentators, a nice but not important alternative and putting fresh Details for hard golf fans. But no, sorry, for the mass of players, the introduction of the U.S. Open now sooo not dramatically so. There is still a really good game - along with the 09er the best thing you here in terms of golf can happen - just not holding a real reason for the 9-again version of spending much money.

It looks very different on the Wii from. With Motion Plus Nintendo and lift the Tiburon Studios the game to a new level. It has evolved from Herumgefuchtel for real sports movement has changed that much you do not forgive, which rewards precision and pays homage to the sport himself. This feature packed than in the more solid overall package of options, competition and Onlinemodi make Tiger Woods PGA 10 on the Wii for the current reference title in golf.

*NOTE*: covered all 3 console versions in this review and have given 2 review scores. Because of that, I decided to keep this as a n/a score to be on the safe side.

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