Sony: FFVII costumes coming in due time

Sony is assuring fans that Final Fantasy VII costumes is still plan for LittleBigPlanet.

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Lucreto3270d ago

I am looking forward to this pack. I hope it is a level pack like the MGS one.

SpaceSquirrel3270d ago

I hope so too, especially with the long wait since the announcement last year.

Chubear3269d ago

Damn, The PS3 is just simply a deep hardcore gamer's gaming machine. The way it immerses you into so many levels of gaming is just simply too awesome.

iamtehpwn3269d ago

xD little Big Shinra Corp.

koehler833269d ago

They were shown a year ago at TGS.. before the game launched.

Time is due.

Megaton3269d ago

Holy crap, I completely forgot about these. Sephiroth was shown the same time as Old Snake, and that MGS stuff came out in December. Should have come out the same day as FFVII.

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