New The Grinder screens

New screens for the title have been released

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Product3272d ago

The look they are going for is great, I just hope the online is flawless. HVS making this game a 4 player online co-op on Wii is just great. Good the Wii gets a game like this.

SpaceSquirrel3272d ago

I hope it's as good as L4D.

Product3272d ago

Us Wii owners are hoping

PinkUni3272d ago

"I just hope the online is flawless"

there's no such thing as a flawless online game.

have you even played online before?

and you're expecting a wii game, a system that hardly has anything online, to be flawless?

Product3271d ago

Splitting hairs I see.

ABizzel13271d ago


LOL that's what I was thinking this must be the Wii's version of Left 4 Dead meets the Ring.

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Polluted3272d ago

It already looks a lot more interesting than The Conduit, imo, but I'm more of a horror fan anyway. The guns could use a little sprucing up, but maybe the story they're telling only allows for real world weapons.

One thing that seems fairly obvious from the screens is that they're NOT just throwing a horror skin on The Conduit. Thus far all the screens seem to focus on large mobs of weaker enemies without ranged attacks. Could be a cool change of pace.

desolationstorm3271d ago

It looks good Im interested because Conduit is a decent game. Im enjoying it but doesnt seem to keep my attention. Looks like their actually trying to put more work into the engine. Honestly if they could either make smarter enemies or just do a lot of enemies at once Id be happy with this game.

EvilTwin3271d ago

I read elsewhere they'll be using a pretty grainy filter on some portions, so it looks like they're trying to cross L4D with HOD:Overkill.

Maybe it'll work, but it's gotta be a lot less derivative. You can charitably call Conduit a bit of a homage to the FPS genre, and since it's HVS first real big project, I give 'em some leeway (plus, the online rocks). My purchase was as much for the game as for other developers to take note that you can be successful with a new IP instead of mini games.

I don't regret the purchase at all, but Grinder is gonna have to be something special for me to pick it up. Otherwise, there's Gladiator A.D...