Eurogamer: Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits Review

Europamer: "Since Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits' release last month (our review copy arrived late), Activision's taken a few hits elsewhere for milking the series for extra cash, which would surely be a very rude thing for such a cash-rich company to do. And as much as I would like to tell a different story, poor old Beenox's efforts are damned by daddy. This is a glorified DLC pack on a disc, but it didn't need glorification - it needed the simultaneous release of the track-list on the music store, and store compatibility, as a minimum, if it was ever to engender any goodwill. As it is, and with Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero on the slate for this year as well, it's hard to argue with the backlash, or recommend that you buy the game."

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