Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ships 3.5 Million

Examiner: "Capcom just issued a press release stating that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP The Best have sold over 3.5 million copies combined. The Best edition has sold over 1 million in Japan alone. With Freedom Unite just releasing stateside, we can expect to see these totals climb even higher. Sony and Capcom have a winner here. "

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Close_Second3298d ago

...the PSN store. My two sons and I have PSPs so its a cheap way of getting all 3 of us playing!

Close_Second3298d ago

...Maybe they are right. Maybe I am not going to buy this off PSN.
Or maybe I don't have 2 Sons or maybe its that I don't want all 3 of us playing it.

I wish you could list who hit disagree or make those selecting disagree state why.

himdeel3298d ago shouldn't be able to disagree without leaving a comment. Anyway I have a pal of mine that has this game and has been wanting me to get a PSP so we can hunt together.

Unfortunately I'll be waiting till X-mas to get a PSP because I'm unloading my coffers on the awesome fall and winter PS3 games lineup. I look forward to checking out my first Monster Hunter game sometime this year :)

Ssxtreme363298d ago

this is awesome news to hear, i bought 2 copy's of the game myself (for my brother and i to play) but while we were waiting for our game to arrive we spent 2 days playing the downloaded/hacked version of freedom unite.

i'd say if your going to pick up the game, definitely get the downloadable version if you can (the version thats legal and on the psn store) its ridiculously faster than the disc version for obvious if you love the game, support capcom and their MH releases in the states so they will continue to ship out future MH games here :D.....

RememberThe3573298d ago

But the combat pissed me off. I couldn't stand it. Those damn monsters jump all over the place and you can't follow them with your camera. If the game would have had a lock on feature I would have been sold, but the camera just pissed me off way too much.

It's too bad because I really like every other aspect of the game.

ThanatosDMC3298d ago

I bubbled you up.

Now y'all need to just find a fourth player.

ThanatosDMC3297d ago

Oh, you need to adapt. Press R to quickly change the direction of your camera to where your character is facing.

If the wyvern is behind you, turn your character towards it, then press R. It'll be second nature to you sooner or later.

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lloyd_wonder3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Monster Hunter is as big as Dragon Quest in Japan... At least on the PSP it is.

xg-ei8ht3298d ago

PS3 version incoming!!!

Keowrath3298d ago

I don't care about exclusivity (that a word?) for Monster Hunter, I love the game and although I only own a PS3, Capcom please bring out a HD version for PS3 and 360. The fact 360 owners will be playing the game doesn't bother me in the slightest. The game is THAT good it deserves to be played by everyone.

I was GUTTED when I heard it was going Wii exclusive. I hope Wii owners have a blast with it (although I think the game is WAY too hardcore for a lot of Wii owners) As far as I'm concerned, the game is pretty much perfect and although I'm not a graphics whore I think the only place it could improve in is the graphics department.

Give me a Hi-Def Rathalos to take down!

Ninji3298d ago

I guess I will try God Eater instead (at least this game actually has a story).

BX813298d ago

This game is sweet, I can't put it down for too long. I'm not into games like this but it really is fun. Just don't set out on a hunt with the improper gear. I found that out the hard way.

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The story is too old to be commented.