Google's Chrome OS and the Possible Effects on Gaming

Google tonight announced that it is working on Chrome OS, the operating system designed around the Chrome browser architecture. The OS will enable users to access their data at any point, whether it is on a Chrome OS-based PC or a netbook running the Chrome browser. The possible effects of the announcement on PC gaming is examined.

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Omegasyde3295d ago

About time. Got tired of Safari not supporting anything, and Vista hogging more hidden ram. Linux is great, but has some mysterious flaws like my computer shutting randomly down or Sound sometimes not working on Winamp/youtube.

However Microsoft will C**kblock Google by using DirectX mandatory for all PC gaming. I don't know how Google can get around that without paying royalties.

Google should try giving microsoft this:

TheIneffableBob3295d ago

Chrome OS is built on Linux.

Close_Second3295d ago the good ole days of an O/S where when you installed an App or game everything it needed was installed in the same dir. Sure its more efficient to reuse DLLs but it introduces an unwarranted level of complexity.

Re: gaming, its a pity that OpenGL has lost a lot of its following over the past few years.

riksweeney3294d ago

>Chrome OS is built on Linux.

What's Linux? Is it a Microsoft product?

uie4rhig3294d ago

omegasyde, they could use OpenGL! many non MS devices use it (iPhone, PS3, Wii, Nokia, PS2, PS1 etc etc), MS devices tho, support both DirectX and OpenGL
and linux: basically its an opensource Operating System like windows but rather than microsoft, the whole world can contribute to coding it ;)

Major_Tom3294d ago

Alot of games and I meant alot of games use OpenGL and OpenGL has it's Directx10 equivelents like MtEvansOpenGL.

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San Frandisco3295d ago

sweet,i love google chrome web browser... its my main browser.
the OS sounds great but like the dude above said,i hope it can allow gaming..

Viper73295d ago

A google Os has potential if it manages to keep with the bar of their other software and web pages. However I am still very skeptical on these "building OS around an Internet browser" imo window system should be similar to linux (there are many different window systems, gnome, kde, xf), so ppl could choose to take the less graphical version and still get many of the benefits of updated OS.

But gotta see what happens, Windows has quite tough grip around the industry so it wont be easy task for even google to break the current monopoly.

BIGELLOW3294d ago

...will be played using Native Client (it allows code to run natively using the given processor instead of being confined within a scripting engine) and will use O3D (which allows similar access to the graphics processor) for the graphics.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are already there and tested. Google has even been trying to get Native Client into the HTML5 spec. This would ultimately mean that games could be written for Native Client and O3D rather than for "Windows" or "Linux" or "Mac". This would allow any of these three OS's to run the game. And then, of course, when Google Chrome OS is here, it will run those games as well.

At this point, Google Chrome isn't just a web browser... but is a "window system" within which applications can run. Of course, these "applications" can be purely web based, making Chrome a browser... but they can also be native applications, making Chrome nothing more than a window-system. Slap this over a flavor of Linux (to handle disk I/O, hardware control, etc...) and introduce a simple file handling GUI... then pre-load the usual Google tools such as Picasa, Google Earth, Google Desktop, Google Drive?, etc... along with some other free third-party apps like StarOffice, etc... plug in the add/remove programs module known as Google Pack or Google Updater... and now you have a cloud-centric operating system.

At that point, the only roadblock will be adoption by developers. If nobody develops for Native Client, it's not likely to gain a whole lot of traction. Of course, you can expect Google to be the first to roll out of the gates with applications written for Native Client... and if it makes it into the HTML5 spec, many more will do so.

People keep mistaking Google's moves with Chrome (a web browser) and Native Client (a flash alternative) because all anyone can think is "web". However, Chrome (or Chromium) from the very start was only intended to handle web technologies as a secondary function... the primary function was to create a new windowing system. Native Client is a whole lot more powerful than Flash, especially with O3D to handle graphics. More and more, the actual operating system is becoming less and less important... Google Chrome OS will not only be able to exist completely standalone from Windows... but will also allow applications built for Google Chrome OS to also run on Windows machines using Chrome, Native Client, and O3D, with the exception of the UI for local file handling which will still be Windows in such a case. This should remove Microsoft's lock-in. Remember when, as a secondary thought, Microsoft tried embedding Internet Explorer into the OS and said it was only an upgrade of the OS and couldn't be removed? Well, in Google's case this will be absolutely true... Google Chrome will be the backbone of Google Chrome OS.

pippoppow3294d ago

Thanks for the info. Very informative. I hope it does catch on. There really needs to be a legitimate consumer level OS to MS' offerings. Competition is good after all, right?! Will be searching for more info on Native Client and O3D.

D4RkNIKON3294d ago

I love google chrome browser! I use it constantly, the tab system handles really well and the bookmark bar is my favorite. Instant access to all of my favorite sites with ease.

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