Seems The 360 Avatar Editor Is More Popular Than We First Thought

Kotaku: Some people probably used the 360's avatar creator when they first got hold of the New Xbox Experience, and that was that. One use only. But other people use it a bit more often.

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BadboyCivic3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I should create an avatar fighting game thats similar to Nintendo's Super Smash Brother. With better costumes and a section that you could customize your fighting style and special powers.
My avatar would kick butt!

SpaceSquirrel3298d ago

They already have the kart racing Avatar one. So a fighting game isn't too far out of the equation.

AAACE53298d ago

I do have to admit that I get a kick out of messing with the avatar. At first I thought it would be a waste of time, but it kind of grows on you... kind of like the achievements!

urban bohemian3298d ago

I wouldnt say no to my avatar having a gears chainsaw lancer or half-life's crow bar!

3297d ago
Syronicus3297d ago

As much as I would like to believe that, spending twenty minutes on COD4 tells me otherwise. Both consoles have their share of mature audiences and both have their share of kids/American Idol Wannabe's/homophobes/trash talking morons.

As for the Avatar Editor... I used it once... Once. Once I had my likeness, I felt no need to change him.

edgeofblade3297d ago


That's funny... cause the 360 fanboys think PS3 fans are the juveniles. And we don't have to go play a game online to show that. We just load up N4G...

Chubear3297d ago

The 360 fanbase Jizz all over stuff like this for these 2D avatars that do absolutely nothing but stand there in the most gayest of stances (no offense to all my gay gaming brothers and sisters but even you all know that 360avatar stance is fruity as hell) but when you all see PS3 HOME avatars that have and do 100 times more stuff you all go "meh, HOME is teh boring and teh fail"


terrandragon3297d ago

Can the Home avatar drive race karts? I know there is a racing minigame in the EA Sports Complex, but you don't really "drive" it.

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tuglu_pati3298d ago

I'm always changing my avatars clothes. got to look good. =)

caffman3298d ago

and me . Mines got a tan now

mastiffchild3297d ago

Don't get me wrong and glad you guys get so much out of them but having to first make and now look at my damn avatar whenever I turn on my 360 makes me die a little every time I do.

Is there no way I can get away from it? Seriously, I just find it baffling and not at all to my tastes. I went away fom 360 ownership a while ago and when I returned there it all was prompting me to make the thing-is there any way I can kill mine off? For ever? There really should be a way to opt out of it if you don't like it, shouldn't there? Even the Wii doesn't make me look at one that often!

I now it sounds extreme but it does really wind me up(usually I get the missus to put a game on while I make a brew just to avoid the effort looking at me!)and if anyone could help rid me of my mocking, gimpy avatar I'd happily show them where the leprechauns really live!

StanLee3297d ago

Same here. If I get my hair cut or trim my goatee or beard, I change my avatar.

edhe3297d ago

Mine has some sunburn...

[and a balding spot..]

MiloGarret3297d ago

Ok, this has nothing to with the article, but does anyone know if there's a "list of activity" of PSN. Just curious.

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Natsu X FairyTail3298d ago

Its popular indeed.

even my sister who's not into gaming unless its SIMS always wants to make Avatars.


starvinbull3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

I thought the NXE was horrendous but one thing it has going for it is that it is very easy to create a person that looks like yourself where in Home the same is never possible unless you are a model. In that sense the Avatar system gets a big thumbs up with me.

mastiffchild3297d ago

Funnily enough my Mii is exactly like me, my avatar looks like a camp, slightly constipated version of me and in home I'm actually a girl as , by then, I was COMPLETELY sick of the damn things.

Don't like any of them-why can't I just be a dog if I want anyway? I like dogs and I don't like Mii's/avatars.I'd make a nice dog if they'd allow it. With big chops too! OOH and a nice kennel as well. Wouldn't dress it up like Paris Hilton would though- that's plain evil. No, a dog version of me. *imagines sniffing bums in Home-sigh*

FragMnTagM3297d ago

Would be cool to be like Scooby Doo. Being able to walk upright drive the cars in the kart game coming up could be fun. LOL at sniffin bums in home.

frayer3298d ago

poor botaku. Still hyping the poor mans PS3...

poor bots

frayer3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

poor bots playing dress up to pass the time when not just sitting there staring at their dashboard or playing old a** games

poor bots

JasonPC360PS3Wii3297d ago

Poor PS3, still playing catch up to Live, multiplats still lose to the 360, still losing exclusives, still waiting, 2009 lineup shrunk to 3 games, still no voice chat, no custom soundtracks, 360 gaining in Japan, and is still in last place.

Poor Droids :(

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