Xbox Live Marketplace Is Having Difficulties Again

Xbox Live Marketplace Is having difficulties says:

Users may experience difficulties when attempting to use Marketplace and/or making purchases.

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Immortal Kaim3242d ago

What do they mean "Again", the problems haven't gone away since the update.

Blaze9293242d ago

seriously, ever since that update to and whatever else Microsoft did things have been really etchy. I personally don't even like the new Never freakin works on top of the new design.

But yeah no "again", more like "still having"

TheColbertinator3242d ago

I have not seen any problems on Live this week.I just picked up some Rock band songs and they all work fine

Ninji3242d ago

NXE loads up slow and when I try to download a demo on the XBLM it's just too much loading. I go to click on a game and wait for it to load and then I download the demo and it has to load the screen again. Even when the download completes it has to load again. I doesn't seem to be my connection as I read on the official forums that people have been having the same problem for a while now and supposedly they are going to fix the NXE sometime to make it faster but they said nothing about the XBLM. The XBLM feels like the PS3's old web browser PSN Store. I'm just glad the PSN Store was fixed so now it's a whole lot faster than it was a few years ago.

Bnet3433242d ago

I don't know of these "problems" I haven't run into em' yet. What are people experiencing because I'm 100% on my end.

Blaze9293242d ago

What are people experiencing? right there:

"Users may experience difficulties when attempting to use Marketplace and/or making purchases. "


Immortal Kaim3242d ago

I specifically get weird error msg's like and so on. It means I can't purchase content half the time, or have to continually retry to eventually get it to download.

I'm in Aus so don't know if it is different in other regions.

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SnukaTheMan3242d ago

Picked up a guitar hero song with no problems...

krakdol3242d ago

I guess the MS fanboys will still defend MS. But why would MS fix all those downtimes if everybody is happy with this poor quality ?

PSN is free and it works better, that's unacceptable.

SnukaTheMan3241d ago

I just commented on the fact that I myself was able to download a song...many others might have problems but Not myself ...its anecdotal krak....

"I guess the MS fanboys will still defend MS. But why would MS fix all those downtimes if everybody is happy with this poor quality ?"

this sort of comment is better suited for the open zone pal..

Sayai jin3241d ago

@SCThor - Really? I support gaming, so I own all 3 consoles. I have 2 launch day 360's never had a problem with except them being loud as hell (Disc tray LOL.) MY console is not broken or unreliable. I supported Sony when I went through 5 PS2's. Consumers need to look for good products and it is no secret that the 360 has some serious issues over design and reliability. I personally have not had any problems from my 360, so my purchase was a good one. I have had no problems with my Nintendo Wii, so it was a good purchase. My launch PS3's power supply blew after 2 weeks. It eventually got replaced after 2 months, but you know what, that purchase was still a great one. If you do not like MS that's fine, but to say people deserve it goes a little to far, but hey that's your opinion.

On topic, maybe the problems are region specific. My children brought up 56 MS points worth of XBL arcade games, DLC, etc during this time. Obviously they did not have a problem, I wish the service would have been down :).

Syronicus3241d ago

Especially considering that there are millions of users paying for Live and yet MS still can't get it up and running for everybody after that last update. I hope they figure it out soon.

SCThor3241d ago

There's a difference between 2-5% of faulty hardware vs +30%. Don't try to defend MS fault of trying to get as quick as possible into the next-gen(current gen) building a rushed,faulty,low quality hardware.

That's the problem, if people keep putting their hands in front of their eyes and pretend that +30% of faulty hardware is "normal", then the problem is not MS, is uninformed and irresponsible consumers that keep buying it.

Me, and probably +95% of people that bought a PS2 or PS3 never had any issue with it. You must be one of 60% of buyers that never had a problem with a Xbox360, but those numbers speak for itself.

Again, the problem is when people start to think that +30% of unreliable hardware is common and normal in the industry, and sadly, you're one of those.

GiantEnemyCrab3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I love the %30+ figure. I will ask like I do everytime I see that percentage. Can you please give me a source for that percentage?

As far as I'm concerned the PS2 had a %100 failure rate but that doesn't mean it's true..

Just love this number that was pulled out of some fanboys arse one day and now it's thrown about like it's some hard fact. Actually, you seem to throw all kinds of bullsh!t percentages around.

SCThor3241d ago

There you go, and I was wrong, my bad.

The failure rate is above 60%!!

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Chubear3242d ago

I think I'll leave my comment for Open Zone on this one ...

Bnet3433242d ago

Yeah me too lol. I had to go to the Open Zone for this one as well.

TheColbertinator3242d ago

Lets rock the Open Zone then

3242d ago
I did not murder him3242d ago

$599 US Dollar paperweight with piss poor offerings, playing catch up.

Bnet3433242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Do you want to join him as well? I'll pay you to get donkey punched by a drunk AID infested hooker so your poor ass can afford a $399 PS3. Get a job. $399 is not alot unless you're a pre-pubescent doucher.

Anyway, good night everyone. I gotta wake up extra early for my morning jog. It was a bit rough today, came down with a minor headache.

Gue13242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

The only difference is that the 600 dollars paperweight actually works while you pay $300 for a broken system and $60 for broken online service... =D

I did not murder him3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Nah... I'll leave you and your boy friend alone so you can continue to write love letters to each other in both zones.

I purchased the PS3 for $600 bucks and I return all the games and PSN is too simple and not complex enough to run into issues(lackluster features and a wasteland of content)

Notice how PSN never grows or advances in any worth while way hence less issues *and* XBL grows by leaps and bounds and thats when the issues occur.

swiftshot933242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I think wiimaniac just owned all. Open Zone FTW :P

Edit: lol @ I did not murder him/ why dis WHATEVER. To say PSN hasnt grown since its debut in 2006 proves you have never owned a PS3.

I did not murder him3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Sounds like he's praising dialup internet from the 90's(less complex, less issues)

He did not pwn anybody all he's doing is admitting PS3 has few online game fanbases the size of XBL followings and PSN isn't doing much in services and features.

You do know why the issues started right? its certainly not because nothings is going on and it just happened for no reason, just out of the blue.

EDIT: LOL @swiftshot93-Nasim or whatever a small tweek here and there is nothing, playing catch up is what Sony is trying to work on assuming PSN and PS3 are even capable of going where XBL and the 360 is going.

SCThor3242d ago

lol...add $80 for a wireless adapter plus re-buy of scratched games, plus adds than "enhance your experience" (lol!!!)

Jump Out!

SCThor3242d ago

"I did not murder him"<>"why dis" or "pog"....he is just a bitter xbox fanboy, not worth debating with him/her.

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