1UP: The Bigs 2 Review

1UP writes: "The Bigs 2 does a lot of fun things for videogame baseball, or should I say arcade-baseball, when played on the appropriate difficulty setting. More importantly, it shows that 2K Sports can publish a decent baseball title in the wake of the abysmal MLB 2K9 (granted, The Bigs 2 comes from a different developer, Blue Castle Games, but 2K is still cutting the checks). The previous incarnation attempted to be the best over-the-top arcade experience, per Todd Zuniga's review. The Bigs 2 tries to improve on this formula by offering more features found in common with a traditional baseball videogame (season mode, trades, etc.), but its inconsistent difficulty ultimately makes it hard to recommend for everyone -- your reflexes will truly be put to the test on the higher difficulty settings. Regardless, The Bigs 2 is a testament to exaggeration, excess, and fun that comes cautiously recommended from this baseball enthusiast."

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