Famitsu reveals another horror game for Wii

Famitsu has the first scans for and information for yet another Wii horror title.

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TheColbertinator3302d ago

It better come to America or else.

*Sends a threatening letter to Hudson*

knox3302d ago

alotta the horror games have so theres a good chance this will

Infernostew3302d ago

The lack of Fatal Frame 4 in America is criminal.

MattyF3302d ago

This the game done by The Grudge guy, right?

knox3302d ago

what grudge guy?? are you talking about feel/the grudge: ju-on or whatever? thats a different game i think

Gamescares3302d ago

A Japanese game featuring high school girls, who would have ever guessed that?!

TheCagyDies3302d ago

If it doesn't come to America, I can import it and play it with the homebrew mod just like Fatal Frame IV...

BYE3302d ago

I was hoping that the PS2 horror titles will get sequels on the PS3.
But it seems that the Wii is becoming the survival horror console now.

I'd rather have this than mediocre wannabe horror titles like RE5.

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