New scans of Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light

New scans of Square Enix's Final Fantasy game have surfaced from this week's Famitsu.

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knox3242d ago

looking good, looking good, now need info!

UnSelf3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Cant wait til the definitive version comes out for the PS3

Final Fantasy Gaiden: Sigma- Five Warriors of Darkness

SpoonyRedMage3241d ago

Another game to add to my collection. I think I can wait for this on though if I'm getting Kingdom Hearts, Blood of Bahamut and Dragon Quest before it.

PS360WII3241d ago

I know SE is trying to be more like the west by using the same engine a lot of the times but with them pumping out so many DS titles I would think it's time to modify or at least change up the look of it. It's starting to have the UE3 effect on me.

I do like some of the background work they are doing. That colorful tree and some of the spell workings look niffty. Will be fun to check out.

SpoonyRedMage3241d ago

I think it's Matrix's engine as Avalon Code and Nostalgia look similar as well.

I actually think this game has more life to it than FFIV and FFIII but the characters don't look as good.

They also seem to have an engine for each series as each of the series on the DS has a separate style.

PS360WII3241d ago

I do believe it's the same engine if Matrix is involved :) I see a difference in TWEWY, Reverent Wings, and DQ but as far as the FF remakes plus this one they all have a similar look in my eyes. Not that I really care about things like that just thought I'd mention it. Although Crystal Chronicles has a similar style to these but that seemed to have a bit more colorful world.