GameSpot: Trine Review

GameSpot writes: "Trine is undoubtedly beautiful, and that beauty will draw you in from beginning to end. The visual magic doesn't translate into equally amazing gameplay, though the action and platforming are smooth and rewarding on their own--a few rough patches aside. At a lower price, purchasing Trine would be a no-brainer, but it sells on Valve's Steam digital distribution service for $29.99, a full $10 more than the upcoming PlayStation 3 version being sold via PlayStation Network. There are reasons to return after your initial play-through, including hidden secrets and, of course, fun cooperative action. Nevertheless, this five-hour offline experience will shortly be available on another platform for a lower price, which is a tough pill that PC enthusiasts shouldn't have to swallow. But lest all this nitpicking sound too negative, be assured that Trine is a fun and beautiful game that, despite its drawbacks, delivers a lively and refreshing jaunt through a spellbinding kingdom where fairy tales really do come true".

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