Morgan Webb Talks About The Conduit for Wii

Is The Conduit the best FPS on the Wii? Morgan Webb discusses whether you should pick the game up.

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kunit22c3241d ago

3/5 is still an F but they said the game wasnt bad? so an F isn't bad? mkaaaay.. and i like how its ok to make the assumption that they bought it for the single player but its not ok to make the assumption that they bought it for multiplayer, and thats the reason most people bought it so i thought that was pretty retarded, and i kinda got the feeling that they didnt play through the whole campaign. 3/5 is too low because i feel like they did not fail but they didn't do AMAZING i feel like its a pretty good game, i would say an 8 out of 10. not 6 out of 10

spartan112g3241d ago

At most it deserves a 7. It is not 8 status unless you but "on the wii" at the end of it.

dktxx23241d ago

3 out of 5 is average in x-play's scale. its not done on a school a-f system.

Syronicus3240d ago

It's for the online portion mostly but the single player was ok. If the story was better then one would be able to dismiss the last gen graphics but all in all, the game is slightly above par and for a FPS for the Wii, that is pretty good.

knox3241d ago

silly morgan, tricks are for kids

kunit22c3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

she just must have forgot.

UnSelf3241d ago

Morgan Webb Browser

Get it??

Cuz i dont

kunit22c3241d ago

I would use that browser ;)

LiL T3241d ago

does Morgan look kind of manly. On topic: the game does not look that bad.

B-Real2063241d ago

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