BlazBlue online tournament

Examiner: "Arc System Works just announced that they will be holding an online tournament for BlazBlue players. After holding a massive tournament for arcade gamer in Japan, they want to show the love to the console scene as well."

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Simon_Brezhnev3114d ago

lol i would try 2 be in it im pretty good but not as good as japanese players since they did have the game for like a year(arcades)

MattyF3114d ago

Yeah. It'll be a hard content but still fun.

Sarevok3114d ago

It's too bad I only play games for plot and story 99% of the time.

GameGambits3114d ago

Lol I hope they put up the replay for the top finalists for download from leaderboards or PSN or something. I want to see who plays what and how from the best of the best.

Honestly I assume it'll be a ton of V-13's, Jins, and maybe Noels in the finalists. From my time on the online portion of BlazBlue those are the top 3 characters generally, and their strategies are more or less being cheap to bang you into the corner and keep slamming you endlessly. Only V-13 is somewhat different in that she can juggle you forever with projectiles.

Blazblue is awesome when you aren't playing it online against cheapos. The most cheap people I find are Hakumen players though. As all they will do is hit C over and over to slash his sword. They turtle and guard like the whole match and only swing at the exact right time to chip giant chunks of health. NO combos ever from Hakumen players. As over powered as Jin or V-13 can be, it's manageable if you just play smart with your character, but man oh man Hakumen + me = I lose.

I kinda hope b4 the tournie they add Jubei as a playable character. He just looks awesome!

housegroove763114d ago

sounds great, I need to really start concentrating on my Taokaka combos ^_^