GDN: King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match Review

GDN writes: "That said, KoF '98 Ultimate Match is a lot of fun despite its age. It's a genuinely competent 2D fighter with a great roster, excellent music, and a good engine that discourages 'fireball keepaway' play. And if you don't want all the Ultimate Match additions, the original KoF '98 is included as part of this game if you pick 'NeoGeo Mode.' So long as you have some people to play with, $10/800 Points is a bargain. On the other hand, if you have no opponents, I will have to advise you to steer clear since playing against an SNK style AI isn't fun at all. Still, this is the definitive version of a great game, and any fan of the 2D fighting genre should pick it up".

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