GamePro: Nine Features No Next-Gen Game Should Go Without

Video games have a lot of features that gamers take for granted. Think about it: there was once a time when gamers couldn't do something simple like save their in-game progress (you had to rely on things like complicated passwords or you simply had to start all over again after you turned the power off).

But as video games have matured, gamers have seen some amazing features become industry standards. Now, you can save your progress as many times as you want, hop online and download new content, and even watch movies and browse the Internet, right from your console.

But there are some key features that haven't become universal standards yet. Here, GamePro has listed the top 9 features that they think deserve to be in every single game. Some are a bit frivolous while others are absolute necessities; regardless, if every single developer integrated the following features, gamers around the world would immediately benefit.

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UnSelf3182d ago

they shouldve put a footnote at the end of dis line

Xi3182d ago

I don't know any game that lets you browse the internet.

UnSelf3182d ago

thats a good question. in fact the truth is you cant but the author mentioned it in the same passage where hes talking specifically about games. it was an oversight on his part to mention a console feature that contradicts the title of his article.

now wat i was mentioning was the reason you should put a foot note after that sentence is cuz as far as i kno only the ps3 can web browse eventhough he assumes all nxt gen consoles can.

in fact there are to many things already wrong with this article cuz if you really wanna argue semantics, the 360 can web browse if you kno how to get it to do so.

Xi3182d ago

Auto discard/inventory features in games. I hate having to go through 1500 pieces of junk determining which I want to throw or recycle and searching for the 1 new peice I got.

grantps33182d ago

why would every game need a gps?

if the game is linear a gps would be a joke.

shouldnt have made the list

Xi3182d ago

Some linear games could still use a waypoint, specially when developers use the same assests and everything either looks the same or gets really confusing. It would never hurt to have a waypoint/gps system in place.

SlaughterMeister3182d ago

The 360 has been around for three years, and the PS3 and Wii for two.

I think it's about time we settled on calling these systems "current gen."

ChozenWoan3181d ago

Good to meet another Alumi from the University of Common Sense.

SpaceSquirrel3181d ago

I agree especially with a bad economy.

lloyd_wonder3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I think the 'WOW' factor in games this gen is starting to wear off. So, people are readily starting to use the term "current gen" more and more.