Hacking your Laptop for Peak Gaming Performance

Blair Mathis of LaptopLogic writes:

"Gaming is a big hit amongst the most technically-savvy generation, with free and PC-only games becoming quite robust, and commercial games packing outstanding graphics, as well as a plot lines and game play. If you're a gamer, or looking into joining the realm of gamers, but can't afford a high-end gaming laptop, then this article is for you."

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Gue12850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

Since when upgrading your HDD or your ram is considered a hack anyway? Lol

And talking about the obvious...

Blaze9292850d ago

upgrading RAM and HDD? Those are amazing hacks


xwabbit2850d ago

Already have an alienware so I'm gewd

Gamertags2850d ago

Wow What an in depth article!

whoelse2850d ago

Hardly hacking. They are basically pieces of common knowledge that most people on this site should know about anyway.

tdrules2850d ago

to the picture, you dont need to use a screwdriver, you can also use your fingers to type

darkmurder2850d ago

Wow I just learnt so much, I can not believe how little I knew prior to this. Here's one, make a hack that replaces your GPU for peak gaming performance.