IGN: The Grinder Diaries: Changes Since E3

High Voltage Software, best known for The Conduit, is set to deliver its most ambitious game yet next year. Called The Grinder, the Wii-exclusive first-person shooter is like a Nintendo console version of Left 4 Dead. Gamers become special bounty hunters gunning for the undead, vampires, werewolves and more. Of course, The Grinder is the result of everything HVS learned with The Conduit and not only looks better, but features more on-screen characters than ever before. But best of all? In addition to a full set of deathmatch options, the title boasts a four-player cooperative online mode.

The developer showed off The Grinder at E3 2009 and IGN came away very impressed. In today's developer diary, HVS producer Josh VanVeld chats about some of the gameplay refinements the company has introduced to the experience in the short time since.

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SpoonyRedMage3269d ago

Game looks awesome and looks to be a mix between Left 4 Dead(awesome) and HVS' Hunter: The Reckoning games(pretty cool).

phantomexe3269d ago

yea it does look like it going be preety cool when finshed.

AEtherbane3269d ago

for some reason, playing the conduit only makes me want this more! but seriuosly, the better redo all those animations. i dont want my ak-47 to be a skinned SCAR, nor my SMG to be the exact same gun from the conduit. and the better change the death animation from seeing my hand again. thats to signature for the conduit to be redone in another title