360 Elite trade-in offer further clarified

From Xbox360fanboy:
"The Gamestop Xbox 360 trade-in increase we talked about earlier in the week needs further clarification due to the evidence we just received. Kevin, a Gamestop assistant manager, sent us scans of the actual coupon flyers for the Elite trade-in promotion. All the Xbox 360 trade-in increases that what we reported on earlier ($250 Premium, $200 Core, $50 Xbox) are correct, but the promotional dates and how the program works is a little different than what we were told. In a memo to Gamestop managers, it clearly states that the Xbox 360 Elite trade-in coupon flyers must be held until April 29th (Elite launch day), when they'll be given out to all Elite purchasers. Then, before May 27th, you can bring in your special coupon from the flyer, old Xbox 360, and the receipt from your Elite purchase to get the increased trade-in values. This will allow you to buy an Elite, take it home, transfer all your data from your old 360, and then go back to Gamestop to trade it in for the increased value..."

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frostbite064024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

So its saying that im just going to get $250 trade in credit after i buy an elite, not $250 off the elite. Thats retarted. No wonder gamestop is doing this. There making out like bandits ensuring that you'll spend that other $250 at there store.

Halonator4024d ago

I ahve to say "Worst deal ever". I wasn't really considerng the elite untill this offer but this would be like paying 700 for the xbox counting the 250 tradein or like 800 not counting it. And i don't think you can count it because that money is not going toward the elite.
This is a slap in the face.

Why were people saying that MS was offering a trade in. was this the deal they were talking about or is there another MS trade deal?

power of Green 4024d ago

Has nothing to do with any deal it depends on who you buy the Elite from.

Jebissaveme IS hell bent about trying to tarnish the elites image move on man no one cares you either want one or you dont as if you own a 360 or plan on ever owning one. The only people screaming about the Xbox Elite are Sony fanboys you guys are the only people talking about it.

Halonator4024d ago

I don't think so. Its not eitehr you want one or you don't. I want one if the price is right. If i had known a "elite" was comming out i would have never bought the 360pro.
why? because my friend got me a discount on the 360 and they would have been able to get me a dicount on the elite. so i could have had the elite for less then the regular 360pro price.however they can't do discounts on trades because for one none of them work at this place and two the money doesn't go toward the elite anyway.

And funny POG, I am not a sony fanboy but i am talking about it. i have said in the past that if ps3 had a good price and better games i would buy one as does that make me a fanboy?

power of Green 4024d ago

The second paragraph wasn't directed at you and i was speaking in a general sense theres no industry out-cry of being ripped off due to one retailer etc., this guy has been tring to either create or make it seem that there is some beef the masses care about.

You either wan't to buy it or you don't; now what ever changes one mind down the road has nothing to do with what i'm saying.

Never said you were a Sony fanboy" Sorry for not making the top part of my post more clear on who i was talking to vs the lower part aimed at rabid Sony fans spaming every Elite thread with savage envy and furious malice.

SmokeyMcBear4024d ago

thats a horrible thing for gamestop to do.. I really only hear bad things about this company, from the employees to business practices. They should really allow you to take that 250 dollars from the purchase price of the elite, that stinks, a lot of money up front. But I guess you will be using that 250 dollars anyways, because of all the cool games that are coming out.. so it could be a wash.

jacs8134024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Here's the deal:
You can't get the trade in value UNITL APRIL 29th. If you try trading in your premium or core system before then, you don't get the amount stated on this coupon. Once the Elite goes on sale, you can trade in your old 360 towards the Elite and get the prices stated.

About the Hard Drive issue:
I was told that if you are trading in your premium console, it MUST INCLUDE the harde drive. If it does not, it will be considered a "core" system and you will recieve $200 credit.

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