Best Buy offers gold-plated bonuses for Uncharted 2 pre-orders

Best Buy is offering two in-game gold-plated weapons for Uncharted 2 pre-orders.

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Glyn_Dwr3024d ago

...I hope they do something like COD4 where you can get the gold guns by achieving a certain amount of kills and headshots so everyone gets a chance to play with these gold skins!

butterfinger3024d ago

you'll be able to get these codes all over the internet once the game is released.

SpaceSquirrel3024d ago

Yeah, I'm sure it will be made free eventually.

meepmoopmeep3024d ago

i would rather have better pre-order bonuses.

i'll wait and see what the other places have.

butterfinger3024d ago

A Nathan Drake figurine would be awesome. I don't care much for DLC as a pre-order bonus.

SpaceSquirrel3024d ago

I doubt it. But it could be in the collector's edition.

iHEARTboobs3024d ago

Is there going to be a SE and/or CE?

UnSelf3024d ago

I thought they meant real gold plated weapons, like Nicholas Cage's golden guns in Face Off.

Sh!t if they were doin that i wouldve preorder copies for my whole klan

Christopher3023d ago

Hope they come out with a figurine or art book. Never been a fan of weapon/character skins as pre-order bonuses.

Jaces3023d ago

Crap...I thought they were real for a second when I read that.

Oh the fun I could have with those babies if they were real.

dragunrising3023d ago

I got the $5 discount from Qore so I'm getting it from Amazon. Nice incentive though. Reminds me of Gears of War 2 lancer/hammerburst golden gun extras.

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Glyn_Dwr3024d ago

I hope we get some pre-order goodies in EU as well!

N4GAddict3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Didn't the first game sold the most in EU?

Lacarious3024d ago

Knock knock knocking on Gears of War's door....

dirthurts3024d ago

Wants to be like Gears.

MGOelite3023d ago

cod4 had gold weapons too ya know...

rucky3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

lol I didn't even know Gears had Gold weapons til now. Too bad nobody really gives a sh!t

dirthurts3023d ago

COD4 did not.
That's the difference.
I sold mine on Ebay.

pixelsword3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Except Kill.Switch.

Just a joke.


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MGOelite3023d ago

*waits for xbot to say that U2 has copied GOW2*

Shadow Man3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Uncharted2 multiplayer is a cheap copy of gears of war.

Ninji3023d ago

Uncharted 2's multiplayer is nothing like Gears of War. I guess you think it's like Gears of War because you can use cover. I don't recall being able to climb up buildings and throw items such as propane tanks & treasure in Gears of War. Not to mention the beta of Uncharted 2 was more stable than Gears of War 2's multiplayer. It also put you in a game quickly.

talltony3023d ago

It has no lag and Gears does. It didnt have matchmaking issues in the beta like gears has in the full game. It doesnt have a b.s unbalanced chainsaw that inhales you towards it when used. Nope Uncharted 2 is nothing like gears.

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