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Valve has lifted the lid on a brand new melee weapon for Left 4 Dead 2, just in time for tomorrow's Ashes kick-off. The zombie-crocking newcomer is a cricket bat, which players will be able to weild viciously and knock the undead for six. Will it be effective? Who knows because Valve is keeping further details under wraps, but the prospect of switch-hitting a zombie in the googlies is certainly something we cannot wait to see.


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Eiffel3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Yeah the trailer gave this as a big enough hint. IGN why so slow?

Is there even a chainsaw? IGN please verify for me! /sarcasm

I think I remember seeing a golf club as well.

butterfinger3300d ago

there was also a frying pan.

ThanatosDMC3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Well, i'd rather have weapons from Dead Rising... i mean, a freaking bench or lawn mower!

y0haN3300d ago

Mega 64 is awesome, loved it when he called the old people zombies.

FragMnTagM3300d ago

They had melee with your gun of choice, and having actual melee weapons will be even better.

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Raf1k13300d ago

No better way to smash a few zombies than the trusty old Cricket bat :D

butterfinger3300d ago

may not be a real reveal, I am excited that they are introducing melee weapons to the game. I can't wait to saw and hack zombies to death. :)

Deadpool1013300d ago

Surely the cricket bat is a reference to the awesomeness that was
Shaun of the Dead!!!

Covenant3300d ago

...Cricket bat...Zombie skulls...


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The story is too old to be commented.