Did the Virginia Tech Murders Rob Me Of My Love For Halo 2?

This story shows that in fact video games do not cause violence but that real life violence can change the meaning of a video game and make a video game feel more like reality.

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BB4259d ago

I am not exploiting the writer's grief, I am the editor-in-chief of the site and the writer is my friend. I am sharing this article under his permission.

Syko4259d ago

Story should be approved...I'll be the first. Also be sure to check out the site as it is full of other well written articles. Especially from Kezins. There is no exploitation of Kezins as he has wrote his personal experiences of being directly affected by the events at VT. He's merely getting it off his chest is how it seems to me.

BrotherSic4259d ago

In my opinion a piece such as this is written to the people close to the writer. Having read his post that came before this, I felt, and still do, that this is a something that is personal and should remain that way.

However if he has given his approval then I am fine approving it myself but I didnt want to promote the exploitation of someone else's grief without the backing of the author.

BB4259d ago

Agreed. Thank you all for approving this story, the author really appreciates all of the support.