BITMAPS 84: Wii Fit vs EA Active: Fight!

"I'm rather pissed that exercise-based games have only just reached prominence. Had these been around in my youth, convincing my parents to get me a game console would've been a much easier sell. Thinking about it, I remember reading about an odd exercise bike/Super Nintendo hybrid in one of the early 90's Nintendo Powers, and using it to bolster my case then that games might not turn me into a withered stimulation junkie (to little success). Kids these days, they don't know how easy they have it. Also, music is too loud and I like the taste of Metamucil."


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Max Power3296d ago

a game to insult me into fitness, nothing motivates you like a video game calling you tubby.

tehk1w13296d ago

Lift your Wii mote, fatty! One more rep or no one is EVER going to love you!

SirLarr3296d ago

You're never going to get to the next level that way! PUSH IT.

mr durand pierre3296d ago

The best line I saw at a bouldering gym; "Never never give up!" Huh?

iTZKooPA3295d ago

What I wanna know is how the kids are kept off the lawn.