Genre Bending: RPG elements in shooters

Safetys-Off says: "Without a doubt, the genre bending trend of including RPG elements in shooters is growing increasingly popular, with games such as Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War 2 featuring aspects of "XP" gains based on in-game accomplishments such as killing enemies or completing objectives. Typically, experience is awarded in RPGs for winning battles or defeating bosses, and it is this aspect of the typically slower-paced genre that is arguably the most addicting. Certain developers are taking notice of this kind of gameplay and infusing the concept with games that are of a completely genre. How can developers further stretch the boundaries of typical RPG elements finding their way into shooters?"

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Myst3300d ago

Pretty good read, also isn't borderlands supposed to have a bit of RPG-finess while maintaining it's FPS status? Either way I'd say it would be a good step for some developers to try this type of thing out a bit more, at least more so than just medals; but then again I wouldn't know where they could start. Probably due to the fact I don't get extremely in depth with FPS.

unbiasedgamer2513300d ago

I would have to say that I disagree with Call of Duty 4 being the only game able to capture the essence of leveling up. I'm sure that anyone who played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 would disagree with that you were not compelled or excited to level up. Future games such as Borderlands show much potential for taking a shooter and mixing it with role playing game elements such as a leveling bar.

glennc3300d ago

why does he keep refering to call of duty 4??? and leveling up isn't the only feature either. talking to in game characters is very much like RPGs. Riddick is very RPG like in this interaction and also collecting items for later use. someting like fallout 3 is FPS, RPG and adventure game all rolled into one.

this guy just loves COD4 or hasn't played many games. it didn't even come into the equation for me, unlike rainbow six vegas 2, where it was a motivator.

i think he missed a heap of points in this article. if you are going to write an article on RPG elements don't focus on one element or then just call the article one rpg element of fps.

i3eyond the Circle3300d ago

I wouldn't mind if all shooters ended up like System Shock.