Thompson Blames The VT Massacre On Counter Strike

In an interview on MSNBC's Hardball programme, Thompson came out and said he believed Seung-Hui's habit of playing Counter Strike played a key roll in how he managed to go around the campus and kill over 30 people.

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eques judicii4254d ago

if it turns out that Jack Thompson is a hardcore gamer in some sort of secret life. Kinda like that preacher that bashed homosexuality but turned out to be gay.

SmokeyMcBear4254d ago

noooo not counterstrike.. i loved counterstrike.. see it was the strafing that allowed him to aim well.. with minimal mouse movement.. stupid thompson

Dlacy13g4254d ago

I was looking at the article on the linked site and it referenced the show but I didn't see any link to video. It's not that I really want to hear JT, but I wouldn't mind hearing the context of his argument. It's always wise to know thy enemy.

@SmokeyMcBearc..first you tag pics...a new one almost every day..and from what I can tell the same gal so i will say lucky you assuming its your gal. was not just the strafing but it was the circle strafing that really led to it all. ....agreed, stupid thompson!

SmokeyMcBear4254d ago

i wish man.. i wish, but no its not the same, my chicks got big boobs but no butt.. i guess there has to be a trade off somewhere, haha.

Vamp4254d ago

heres the video

ill add it to the article later

SRuN44254d ago

his suitemate said he never saw the kid play any sort of video game, i love how that's left out.

Sphinx4254d ago

is an idiot. Actually, no, he's not an idiot, he's an evil, lying, attention whore. He is very smart when it comes to dodging questions that would make him look like an ass. He knows how to twist facts, and make him look like the messiah. He's loving the attention, and the money he gets from taking so many different people to court.

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