Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on the Wii breathes new life into the franchise. Everybody golf clap, Tiburon has created a very robust, non-boring golf game where sim meets sport in a scalable experience. WiiMotionPlus brings unparalleled immersion to a game brimming with content, and this Wii title earns its place among the greats as the Tiger game golf fans have to own.

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Nineball21123298d ago

Great review and score.

It sounds like you really enjoyed playing the game, Cat!

If I had a Wii, I'd buy it. LOL...

Cat3298d ago

It's really a blast to play, more fun than the 360/PS3 versions - and yes, this review made possible by my new Wii!