European release of Demon's Souls "in limbo"

Demon's SoulsIt's quite common when it comes releasing a Japanese game outside of the Land of the Rising Sun for multiple publishers to throw their hats into the international publishing duties ring.

However, with the NA release of From Software's Demon's Souls covered by Atlus States-side, many have wondering who – if anyone – will pick up its distribution in Europe.

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MGOelite3210d ago

i really dont see why??? EU probably has the most ps3s in the world

Baliw3210d ago

Yes but... divided into so many languages. :(

Keowrath3210d ago

Right then! When's the US release?

Baliw3210d ago

For those who can't follow links:

'Demon’s Souls hits NA on October 6th.'

callahan093210d ago

Why doesn't Square-Enix pick it up? Atlus picked up Odin Sphere for the U.S., and Square-Enix picked it up for Europe. They should do the same for Demon's Souls. That is, if they want to get over their bout of completely ignoring the existence of the PS3.

mastiffchild3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

This is REALLY pi55ing me off now. Fatal Frame 4 was passed over by everyone who could've published it (after even being advertised in some EU mags!)-including Ninty themselves and now the EU has to have this crap? If there's a US version why can't they at least allow the UK that one at no extra localisatuiopon cost at all-not as if this is reh gion locked?

Doesn't bode well for Yakuza3, Kenzan and a host of other games we felt, rightly after buying sweiws/related/similar gamees in the past, would come to all parts of the west does it?

More bloody imports I guess(though after being ripped off trying to buy the English language equipped asian DS once I'm prett sick of it!)-but how much would it really cost to slap on a few subs? 99% of gamers would be happy with that and it cuts costs surely.

Somewhere I was reading how more games are ariving from Japan than ever but, tbh, I think it's the other way round post PS2. Maybe now the market is too fractured to make it worth niche Japanese games bothering? I hope I'm wrong but, honestly , I don't ever remember feeling like I was missing out on so much or waiting quite as long as we now do for what does arrive. FFS SO4 and Tales only arrived on 360 in the UK over the last couple of weeks! Why, when the US versions are localised does the UK have to wait for everyone else?

Don't get me started on the difference between SCEE and other territories either! AND we always pay the most. AND knowing the scarcity of any decent RPGs for PS3 why in the world aren't Sony offering to help DS? I know l;ots of people personally that are waiting for it and my mates cannot be tthe only ones, can they?

Bad feeling about all of this. World getting smaller? Doesn't feel like it from where I'm sat.

EDIT: meant to say this first time but started ranting! SE won't bother Callaghan mate-if they aren't certain of the existence of Sony's console why would you feel they have any clue where Europe is? Anyway, if they're willing to ignore Japanese gamers on PS3 why would they try to help out PS3 owners over here? The fact that IGN amazed them so much when they told them that most western gamers prefer Japanese voice plus subs doesn't make me confident that SE undestand very much about this western market they, apparently, want to break so much!

Bebedora3210d ago

I know sellers here picking up US releases and sells them some what over the normal price. Actually, I've seen a release date (kind of) and it's coming Q1 2010.

Don't take my word for it actually doing so.