EA Announces Fight Night Round 4 DLC, Button Controls Slated For September

Stephen Totilo of Kotaku writes:

"Following calls from fans critical of Fight Night Round 4's current control options, EA is bringing a free alternative - and some other new content before that.

EA Sports announced two upcoming free releases of downloadable content for Fight Night Round 4 today. The first, slated for August, will add a new gym, "new gameplay sliders" and new equipment plus an alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard exclusive to the Xbox 360 version.

A September release may be even more well-received as it will offer face-button control for all of Fight Night's punched. That update, for PS3 and Xbox 360 will be free."

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4pocalyps33272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

september...? are u shhiting me? i mean i can use the analogs fine and all that. but i much prefer the face button layout.

but then again im not a hardcore fight night fan. i just pick it up and play it once in a blue moon when im bored.

hmm and they said that they would want fans to have the option of face button layout....why didn't they just include that in the full game anyway? -_-'

Gamer_Politics3272d ago

well i hope this makes all those people crying about face buttons happy

Bluemaster773272d ago

OMG thank you guess ill be getting this in september

Socomer 19793272d ago

have a great run fight night and good luck.

clarkjudo3272d ago

EA should have known this was coming. But I am not sure how this is going to improve the game play. Is it possible that some inside moves maybe deleted? I think the analog was to be for that reason. Maybe more diapers will need to be changed again?
Either way i am satisfied.Yet, I loved the button face option too. Because I thought it does help the learning curve for what punches you want to do. But I am now use to the analog stick. Face buttons will not be that great of a welcome. Or maybe it will be more noticeable when your not fighting the AI.

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