Miyamoto is feared and is harsh with employees, but pushes for quality

Upending tea tables and kidnapping employees are just some of the actions that Shigeru Miyamoto has been known for during development cycles. Even with that in mind, however, one might be surprised as to how Miyamoto interacts with other members of a team.

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knox2964d ago

AHAHAHA Miyamoto you funny guy

Rainstorm812964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Sounds like an @sshole to me. You dont have to be a di*k to make a "good game"


So you DO have to be an @sshole to make a good game sorry i didnt know.

MEsoJD2964d ago

sure he looks like a nice guy


behind closed doors he beats his workers, spits on them, makes death

threats on their families, cuts his wrist in front of them, shoves dirt

in their faces, and pistol wips them every time they make a mario game.


ChickeyCantor2964d ago

Being critical isn't a matter of being nice.
He is obviously strict with his work.

Timesplitter142964d ago

I've always thought of Miyamoto as a very kind person who always offers cookies to his employees.

andyo132963d ago

with naughty dog, they also push for quality, they don't have slackers working there. but they're not pushed unfairly like these guys. I mean naughty dog even has their own pitbull around the work area that they can play with. They make great games such as uncharted.

now with miyamoto, who pushs for "quality" well... just look at wii music... or any wii series. wii sports was the best and that wasn't even that good.

ChickeyCantor2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Every company tries to have a "Cool" working area, but its always the one who tells people what to do being an ass from time to time.

If you honestly believe ND is all about laughter and hugs, you are dead wrong.

" now with miyamoto, who pushs for "quality" well... just look at wii music."
Fun fact is that it wasn't even his project, just an idea.
If you read his interviews he was barely involved with the development.

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SKUD2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Not sure how many times you can bust balls over a Mario game.

Captain Tuttle2964d ago

Judging by how many f*cking Mario games there are.

heroicjanitor2964d ago

He just says if they are dull or not? Most people can do that

Max Power2964d ago

for Wii music, that one sure squeaked by. Maybe he was out with a cold or had bad mushrooms.

Sarcasm2964d ago

I'd imagine Miyamoto was like this after the sale of Wii Music.

Downtown boogey2964d ago

"I never knew he doesn't actually come up with the ideas..
He just says if they are dull or not? Most people can do that"

Most people can point out their opinion, yes, but only a few can be completely objective. Many lack in experience and be prejudiced and biased to at least to some extent.

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SmokingMonkey2964d ago

I'm sorry...but the princess is in another castle

FantasyStar2964d ago


butterfinger2964d ago

surprisingly not surprised by this at all.

Max Power2964d ago

surprised by your lack of surprise.....surprise!

butterfinger2964d ago

I set myself up wonderfully for that. :P

SpoonyRedMage2964d ago

If you didn't know about this you don't know much about Nintendo. They're constantly referring to Miyamoto as a diva and stuff..

But they always agree with his decisions in the end.

Max Power2964d ago

pretty funny that Miyamoto pushes for quality and then Nintendo throws out its seal of quality.

mastiffchild2964d ago

Maybe it hasn't actually been canned at all but Miyamoto just doen't feel anything deserves it!

I doubt the appraoch he uses would be tolerated as much in the west though-I get the feeling those masochistic Japanese quite buzz off his behaviour! That said I'd love to see him overseeing a game with Jaffe or Cliffy B directing it just to see their reactions when he did it to them! "These bald, grumpy, muscly men are DULL! Scrap it, start again. I don't care how many people bought the other games!"

Cliffy would pop and Jaffe would waalk off in a huff and blog for WEEKS! But would we have seen Kratos emerge with an afro and Marcus with an Elvis coiff?