Bungie : Another way to get Recon Armor

It seems that bungie has announced a second way to earn recon armor on bungie day. "The puzzle been sitting, hidden, on for almost two years since then, so just for fun, we'll let you take a crack at it for a chance to win Recon."

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mfwahwah3147d ago

Click the link to the puzzle. I had the same reaction.

Jadaking3147d ago

why am i going to spends hours solving a dumbass puzzle for a dumbass helmet that i cant even see when i play the game? pathetic

iceman29293147d ago

some people enjoy solving puzzles. and some people like to unlock things. and some people like to customize the way they look, even if they cant see it while playing cept for when u die ( ie custom skins in CS?) and some people want it for bragging rights. Thats why.

Bnet3433147d ago

Actually you can see yourself when playing. Getting into warthogs, getting on turrets, grabbing a missle pod, etc.

iceman29293147d ago

Oh ya i forgot about that :S

i3eyond the Circle3147d ago

Also don't forget about User Movies.

Machinima is one of the biggest factors of the Halo community.

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juanvan3146d ago

What kind of puzzle is this?