Street Fighter IV hits Games for Windows Today

Highly Acclaimed Fighter Heads To PC With A Level Of Graphical Detail Not Seen Before

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Major_Tom2966d ago

Windows Live Disabler, check!

Pandamobile2965d ago

Yeah, we don't need the fricking Xbox Live software in our games...

xwabbit2965d ago

lol yah, i saw this on fuel and i said fudge this. Had to make a crack and it wasn't worth it cus fuel freaking sucked lol. I had this game a week ago tho.

Pandamobile2965d ago

I know, it's gotten to the point where it will make or break a purchase.

Is it a Games for Windows title? I'll buy it, it's just a branding.

Does if force me to use Live for online play? Hell no, keep that crap off my PC.

Pandamobile2965d ago

Wow, for the price of console version, you get the game AND a controller?

Sweet deal.

dizlaoboi9162965d ago

i wonder how the online infrastructure would be

The_Darkest_Red2965d ago

Great game but after playing BlazBlue I no longer think SFIV is the fighting game of the year.

Major_Tom2965d ago

BlazBlue does look like one immense fighting title.