10° Casual gamers becoming Hardcore

According to a study by American research company Nielsen, gamers are spending more time on gaming then before. The researchers have the impression that it is not the Hardcore gamers spending more time on games but casual gamers who devote more and more time on their favorite pastime.

In January of this year, gamers spent 19 hours a week on games. Compared to 16,5 hours in January 2008. In May 2009 gamers spent an average of 16,5 hours on games, opposed to 16 hours in the same month in 2008.

Bad economy

According to the American researchers the bad economy is the main reason for this rise in gaming hours.

"We think mainstream-gamers spend more time on games for a large audience like, Wii Fit, Guitar Hero en Rock Band. This is pushing the average".

Used games

In the research another discovery was the rise in second hand titles. Gamers buy more used games than before. This could be explained by the 'lack' of triple A titles during the last few months.

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Felis_Rufus3177d ago

My gametime became less...might have to do something with becoming a father :)