Zelda's Re-Awakening

In this column, a new approach to the Zelda series is looked at. It draws on game mechanics and design choices in games like Prince of Persia and Shadow of the Colossus to highlight the things that the games series needs to feel "new."

An excerpt:

"Now we have a starting point - to make the "Link versus Hyrule" experience more dynamic. One aspect of this is easily accomplished: expand Link's physical abilities. The little Hylian is an athletic boy, an acrobat like Prince of Persia's protagonist or Assassin Creed's Altaïr. Yet, Link's athletic prowess seems amateur in comparison. These guys can scramble up walls, shimmy across ledges, climb up curtains, swing across rafters, run along walls, and jump on their own. Why can't Link interact with the world around him in the same fashion? The world of Hyrule should be a network of puzzles, like in Prince of Persia, and Link should have the necessary tools to solve those puzzles."

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ChickeyCantor3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

" Zelda needs to change. "
Eh it won't. Also confirmed.

All i wish from the franchise is new items that will be used constant.
In TP the items were barely used again in other temples( in many cases not even once).

TP had put more emphasis on story telling ( im not talking about the content of the story, but the way it was displayed) They should keep that.
Although many people will disagree, i hope to see a Windwaker 2(DS GAMES DONT COUNT! >=D) in artstyle.

Of course bigger temples, better mind bending puzzles and awesome bosses...and i woulnd't give a crap if i have to get the mastersword once more.

indiemike3295d ago

The fact that it won't change was never confirmed. Miyamoto said it won't "radically change," but his idea of radical is MUCH different than other people's idea of "radical."

The fact is, he's basically confirmed that we will see plenty of change, in that he plans to integrate MotionPlus to the point that it may be exclusive to the device.

SpoonyRedMage3295d ago

TRAINS!!! That's all that Legend of Zelda needed to be complete!

ChickeyCantor3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

I wonder how zelda would be if they used a setting so far in the future, that super futuristic technology is pretty much ancient ( like at some point there was a war, everything got destroyed, humans started new lives without the tech). And finding these ancient items will let you solve puzzles and stuff. Not much different from the original, but its the setting that would be interesting ( metal complexes, neon lit temples, robot epona???? XD etc etc)

Xi3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

In majora's mask, and oot I found that I became inherently connected to the world that I had physically changed. In TP I found that the world was extremely linear, if you completed a section of the game that was tied to a location you almost never had to go back there.

The n64 zeldas always did a great job of was making you feel as if you were in an entire new world even though the average size was relatively small. Each enviroment had a personality and the way the world changed from your events made you feel a lot larger than life. There was so much you could go do and people tended to be unique. That all seemed to be lost in TP even though the size was larger.

Also, having to return items back to chests was lame, it removed the feeling of accomplishment so I never felt like going out of my way to find secrets. They also need to make exploring simpler, I hated having to watch my lanters fuel and stuff.