Six Dead-Simple Games for Lazy Players

PC World: "Let's face it--for the most part, video games are only demanding less and less from the player, especially with beginner difficulty settings and tutorials coming standard with most new games.

Several days ago, Nintendo took this to a new level when they revealed that in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you will have an option where you can actually have the game play itself. If you can't get past an obstacle in the upcoming platformer, you can simply press a button and the game will not only show you what to do, it will do it for you.

But that's not necessarily a "bad" thing, is it? Not every game has to be uber-grueling. Hell, I remember the days when some games only supplied you with one life and once your health bar was depleted you were forced to start from the very beginning of the game. We take a look at several great games that don't feel like a chore to play."

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