Top Loved Netbooks

PC Pitstop: "Welcome everyone to a new and very exciting part of PC Pitstop. Roughly a year ago, as part of the incredibly popular OverDrive test, we began collecting user input about PC satisfaction. We began asking the following three questions:

* * How satisfied are you with this PC?
* * Is this PC running slow?
* * Is this PC hanging or requiring frequent reboots?

The satisfaction index is on a four star scale. (1 Star = Very Dissatisfied, 2 Stars = Dissatisfied, 3 Stars = Satisfied, 4 Star = Very Satisfied). We literally have collected millions of responses from all over the world.

Secondly, beginning in late April 2009, in addition to the three questions above, we asked for qualitative comments about the PC. This was the missing piece. User comments democratize the internet. Our group experience will define the success or failure of a product rather than clever marketing campaigns or strong distribution. "

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