New DMC4 Scans

Some new images of Devil May Cry 4 taken from the PS3 version.

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omansteveo3957d ago

I want to play this game any word on released or if its gonna be a xbox and playstation versions are coming out at the same time, maybe one before the other

highps33957d ago

Really concerned about this game. Whether or not the Ps3 version gets shafted and whether or not they make the game fun again..

Hope Capcom despite the big petition still gives ps3 a great game to play.

omansteveo3957d ago

Yeah once you play ninja gaiden you'll almost me like Devil May who...seriously its such a good game evn if youve played it/owned it on xbox its worth buying again.

Black Republican3957d ago

Ninja Gaiden is also better then God of War.

PPL always keep saying God Of War wannabe, but Ninja Gaiden came out first on Xbox1.

wildcat3957d ago

i've never heard anyone compare NG to God of War before

Black Republican3957d ago

well theirs a first for everything

nah I'm just kidding, some PS3 fan boy was saying on another post that Mass Affect is just trying to copy GOW and DMC style LOL

and he went on saying of course just copying GOW stuff like that
but GOW was not it's first of it's kind, we can go how far back???

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z0m8ie3957d ago

whoa, i can't wait to get that game,Did you see those graphics. It sure is a good time to own a PS3.I can't wait, does anybody know how the six axsis will work.

PS360PCROCKS3957d ago

Ok guys Ninja Gaiden was good but I personally think God Of War is better and DMC is classic button mashing. But that's your opinion I guess, these look good tho.

decapitator3957d ago

am most definitely trying this out when it hits..does not matter which system though

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