TGR: Terminator: Salvation Review

TGR writes: "Oh Terminator, we knew you would be back, though I doubt anyone expected return to the days of Judgment Day. It's sad that the Terminator universe has never had a video game do it justice, but that didn't stop GRIN from trying. After surprising many with Wanted: Weapons of Fate, the Swedish company picked up rights for Terminator: Salvation. If you heard about Christian Bale's outburst during filming - odds are he had just finished playing the game. If not that, the faulty DVD that shipped with the PC version in North America ignited his rage, only to be further reddened by the month plus wait for a replacement."

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mr durand pierre3295d ago

Game would have been 10x better with the NIN remix they used in the movie trailer playing the whole time. Amirite?

iTZKooPA3295d ago

And if you didn't have to beat Evolved Games over the head with a bat to get a fixed disk.