Rare NES Cartridge Sells for $21,400

Shacknews reports that after a month of bidding, an incredibly rare copy of the NES cartridge Nintendo World Championship 1990 has sold for a price of $21,400, plus $10 for shipping. Listed on online auction site in a lot of 24 NES games with an unassuming starting price of $24, the game was sold by a man apparently unaware of its status as the most valuable NES cartridge in existence.

Ninety gray cartridges were manufactured for semi-finalists, while 26 gold cartridges--similar to the well known gold Legend of Zelda cartridges--were manufactured for the winners of a Nintendo Power contest. The cartridge sold in this week's auction is one of the incredibly rare gold units.

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GameJunkieJim4141d ago (Edited 4141d ago )

Has no real label, and a switch up top to pick the game.

I paid $1200 for it when I got it.

The Gold one... Man I would have loved to have that.

Diselage4141d ago

If it's that game it's still probably worth quite a bit. Cause if you don't want it i'll buy it off ya for 2 bucks;)

Halonator4141d ago

are there other games that have sold for more?

Diselage4141d ago

This article made me go through my old box of NES games. Nothing looking gold but maybe i should sell them and see what they fetch.

Cartesian3D4141d ago

omg 21,400 = 60" HDTV+ PS3 + Xbox360 elite + Wii + 40 games for each one + a gift for your girl friend and your mom ..


r10004141d ago

Or if you me... a bigger down payment on the house I'm about to purchase....

DrKing4141d ago

I bet you still have to blow into it to get it to work :)

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