Macworld Review: Magnetic Joe 2 for iPhone

Macworld writes: "Let me back up a bit. Joe must successfully navigate through 100 levels of increasing complexity. On his own, Joe mostly just sits there, or succumbs to the effects of gravity. Luckily for him (and you), the world Joe lives in is populated with oodles of directional magnets. When you tap the screen, Joe himself becomes magnetized, and thus gets attracted toward the magnets nearest him. The sole control during gameplay is tapping and holding on the screen. It's when you tap-and how long you hold-that affects Joe's trajectory as he navigates through all kinds of obstacles.

The early training levels in Magnetic Joe 2 do the game a disservice: They're a bit too simple. Don't let the lameness of the initial levels discourage you, though. As you advance, complexity-and fun-increases exponentially."

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