10 New Muddy Screens of Colin McRae: DIRT

Colin McRae: DIRT will roar in with all the sensational realism and sublime car handling that the series is renowned for, only this time, with true next-generation technology under the bonnet. Colin McRae: DIRT is the first game being created using Codemasters Studios' proprietary engine, Neon. Along with the 10 new screenshots you also find an explanation of the Neon system.

Click on to see the images and to read more about the Neon engine.

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JPomper4262d ago

This game is going to rock.

power0919994262d ago

Oh god yes.

Ever since Speed took WRC off the air, I have been playing Colin 4 on my 360 to get my rally kicks.

I am very excited for this game.

Any word on how well this game plays with the 360 steering wheel?

Gamer134262d ago

I now that the most important part of a rally game is to complete the lap in the fastest to win, i realy don,t now much about rally.

Ill get this game and try it out on my steering wheel, then again forza 2 is coming out next month.

IM OUT...///"""

Cartesian3D4262d ago

I love these kind of games... motorstorm..and now DiRT!!

it seems burnout must be carefull about crash physics! DiRT rocks!

PS360PCROCKS4262d ago

wow this game is looking amazing.

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