Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preview (TGSN)

Bigger, better, and with lots more snow, EA's Bad Company have been drafted into service for a second outing, which promises a modified Frostbite engine and enhanced multiplayer.

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Pandamobile3267d ago

I've waited too long for a new Battlefield game on my PC. Too long...

glennc3267d ago

i think the wait will be worth it. they are taking their time on BF3 for a reason. they know how important the game is to so many players. personally my current online shooter preference is bad company. it is just such a blast and IMO far superior to any other online shooter out there, it's just a shame it doesn't get the players that COD and Halo get on live, which seems to up the difficulty level somewhat.

just get a console to tide you over, they are certainly cheap enough.

best of both worlds.