Next-gen GPUs: simply fast forward

LiveMint: Everybody I know crunches graphics and video more than anything else on their computers or other digital devices. Take the ordinary mobile phone. Everyone wants one for voice calls and text messaging, but it must come with eye candy: a full-colour display and lots of fancy graphics.

Check out the stunning realism and detailed textures in the latest gaming consoles from Sony's PlayStation to Microsoft's Xbox. Well-heeled executives want to buy sleek laptops with Blu-ray optical drives to "catch up with some movies at airports and hotel lounges". Expansive and full-colour LCD monitors running at unbelievably high resolutions now adorn computer systems. Meanwhile, the Internet is evolving slowly from the "literate Web" where people surfed to read, to the "non-literate Web" which people today surf to view videos, pictures and satellite maps.

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