Sony Reveals Its Q2 2007 PSP/PS2/PS3 Lineup

Sony Computer Entertainment America today announced its 2007 second-quarter software line-up for PS3, PSP, and PS2, pomising no less than 100 new titles before year's end across all platforms.

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Violater4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

MOre than 100? i count 40

Maybe they do mean all of 2007 + the games that have been already released. Sad thing is apart from some psn games i dont see any other first party titles for the PS3 in Q2.

nix4138d ago

i think.. 100 was for the 2007 but for second quarter it's somewhere around what you've got... q:

Torch4138d ago

has still got lotsa juice left in it, eh?

Great variety across the board! Though I am happy that the PS3 continues to gain momentum as expected, I can't help but be happiest for my beloved little, underrated PSP...some great titles on the horizon for it.

techie4138d ago

Stand outs. Ninja Gaiden Sigma (!!), The Darkness, Calling All Cars, Manhunt 2 and Tomb Raider Anniversary! oh yeah

r10004138d ago

the line up is a little soft...

Columbo4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Kind of underwhelming for the PS3. Except for Ninja Gaiden Sigma, that looks sweet! But I guess the spring/summer months are always dry. When is Lair supposed to arrive? I'm thinking August, am I right?

techie4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

July :)as said by Factor 5 in all their latest interviews.

Heavenly Sword in August

omansteveo4138d ago

August is what it says at my work

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The story is too old to be commented.