Star Wars: The Old Republic Timeline Trailers

Bioware have released three new trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic all three trailer give a interesting look at the history and backstory of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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mistajeff3297d ago

I always thought that Revan told Canderous/Mandalore to regroup the Mandalorians to help prepare the galaxy for a Sith invasion, not assist them in invading.

Kal11383297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Who said this new Mandalore is Canderous? What does Revan have to do with this? The Old Republic is set 300 years after KotOR. Revan and Canderous don't have anything to do with it. They'll probably be mentioned in the game, but they're not alive during the game's time period.

mistajeff3297d ago (Edited 3297d ago )

Obviously it's not Canderous, I just assumed that the Mandalorians had been regrouping since the time during KOTOR 2 when you help Canderous gather straggling Mandalorians, and I'm pretty sure he ends up telling you it's because Revan wanted to help him prepare the galaxy for an invasion. I know Kreia says something about this too when she predicts the future. I realize there's 3 centuries between the games but I'm just hoping for more continuity between them at any and every possible point, I'm in the camp that really wanted a KOTOR 3 over an MMO and I keep getting worried they're just brushing aside earlier plots in order to set up a more MMO-friendly story framework. These "Timeline" trailers only start 300 years after KOTOR, there's still a lot that happened in between there, like what happened to Canderous' band of Mandalorians, and I'm just hoping it doesn't get brushed aside into some tiny side-quests in the actual game.

mistajeff3297d ago

I'm not ashamed of it! *cries while masturbating*

silencedisturber3297d ago

Ofcourse, there are going to be a bunch of video's, giving us insight in events that took place between KOTOR and SWTOR. Even events before KOTOR will be reviewed. Just take a little peek at the timeline overview on

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scruffy_bear3297d ago

The Star Wars history has a habit of changing when ever it seems to suit them

cyborg69713297d ago

These aren't new what the crap. This site let's the stupidest nonsensecal crap on I've seen these weeks ago.

Jim Crikey3297d ago

How many Star Wars games since the last good one? Only one in fifteen is worth buying, you see.

LostCypher113297d ago

I have no Doubt that Bioware can pull off another great Old Republic game

cyborg69713297d ago

How can I get a disagree when the article says just posted these vids they've been on gametrailers for a long time why bog this site down with crap that isn't new yet claiming it is

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