Fired Wolverine reviewer sues Fox News for $5m

The US gossip writer who was fired after reviewing a leaked copy of X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit back at his former employer yesterday, slapping Fox News and its parent company News Corp with a $5m (£3m) claim for damages. For good measure, the lawsuit accuses Fox of "wilful, reckless, intentional and malicious" defamation.

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koehler833176d ago

Um, you broke the law in the country of your employment. It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt, not only to your employer, but anyone with a lick of sense that read the review. You were fired. Get over it and be happy you weren't sued yourself.

Roper3163176d ago

exactly!!! what a tool this guy is and hopefully he will get sued now for pirating video games and be found guilty and have to pay 5 million in damages! Only in America are people on the wrong side of the law able to sue and to win. Makes me embarrassed to be an American!!

Mr_Bun3176d ago

If I remember correctly...this guy was bragging in his review that he was reviewing a pirated copy...good luck with this lawsuit.

Tony P3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I've got no sympathy for this guy.

He's a bonehead who made a boneheaded decision, got caught, and is trying to work the system instead of just getting over it and moving on. He got caught with his hand in the jar. He's lucky he hasn't (to my knowledge) been hit with the legal repercussions for piracy (why, I dunno). He intentionally and maliciously defamed himself when he as a professional pirated a film. What's worse, he reviewed an unfinished copy so he didn't even do his job right.

No, my sympathy is wasted on the complete and utter fail here.

SprSynJn3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

It is people like you, and those above me, that give me some hope for mankind. Kudos to you for those very wise words that are unfortunately likely to drown in a sea of arrogance.

f7897903176d ago

$5 million in damages? What damages? YOU BROKE THE LAW!

Chop his head off for being so stupid.

Sam Fisher3176d ago

this guy is stupid but if its true that when he said "Friedman's suit insists that his unauthorised review was tacitly cleared by his editors at Fox News, and claims that News Corp is at fault for indirectly allowing the film to be leaked online" then he actually have a chance on this case.b/c "review was tacitly cleared by his editors at Fox News" and its their fault by clearing it, they couldve easily denied it, but they didnt.

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rhood0223176d ago

I think they should counter sue for copyright infringement and media piracy.

Unless he can PROVE that it was "tacitly" approved--meaning there is approved by not objecting (hard to prove because "tacitly" means there is no verbal or written documentation)--no court would take this lawsuit seriously (hopefully).

And saying that it's their fault for allowing it leaked online is a strawman argument. There are terabytes of movies, music and other media that are "leaked" online (either willfully or through piracy) but it's still illegal to obtain them without purchase.

tommy-cronin3176d ago

Well does everyone remember the fella who broke into the house of some women to rob it but then he fell over and broke his leg and he sued the family and won, its a load of rubbish but he could pull it off.

mfwahwah3176d ago

There was a case where someone was hired to do construction work at a house. He decided not to. When sued for going against the CONTRACT, the guy won. Wanna know why? He claimed that being forced to do work he didn't want to do was a form of slavery. The judge agreed.

I don't have a source, but I learned it through a college course in American Federal Government.

Sam Fisher3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

they can prevent the movie from getting "leaked" by just deleting the vids online thru the web, yes its impossible in that sense by actually prevent ALL of it, but they have to try to prevent it some how if they want money in their pockets. so with just this evidence alone he actually has a chance....that bast#$%

and he prob didnt obtain the movie himself, there are other ways to see a movie illegally without actually "obtaining" the actual product

AhemZasan3176d ago

How is this game related news? Just because it's related to a movie that a crappy game was based on does not make it game related. Was I misinformed when I read N4G to stand for "News For Gamers"?

mfwahwah3176d ago

"Though most of the news on N4G is directly game related it doesn’t necessarily have to be. A news story about a new technology for use in HDTVs is not directly related to video games but would still be of interest to many gamers. The Tech category would be fitting for this story."

Do yourself and read about the site. Don't just assume things about it.

AhemZasan3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )


How, exactly, does a film reviewer have anything to do with gaming related technology or the industry as a whole? I realize that not every story has to be specifically related to a video game, but this story is in no way related to anything in the realm of the video game industry.

Honestly, I think this story was submitted because the article doesn't mention that it was the movie that was reviewed rather than the game and the individual that submitted it probably assumed it was the game. An honest mistake, but in the end this story is not "of interest to the gaming community". If you disagree then please explain to me the merits of this particular article as it pertains to the gaming community specifically.

mfwahwah3175d ago

Well you obviously have a different interpretation of what N4G is. Let's leave it at that.

AhemZasan3175d ago

Sounds like a plan. BTW, I do appreciate the avatar. Quality pwnage by Ken is always a winner.

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AhemZasan3176d ago

FYI: The review was for a pirated version of the film, not the video game.

Xulap3176d ago


Then what the hell is this article doing on the main page of a gaming site?
I swear, approvers are kinda retarded around here.

bjornbear3176d ago

Makes sense....damn whoever aproved this...=/

Silent3176d ago

Well I hope Wolverine' Production sues him for 10X amount for illegal download.

evilmonkey5013176d ago

What if HE didn't download it? Someone maybe just gave it to him? Then his supervisor says a pre-review, then he gets fired for it?
Let the jury decide. He worked for the company that made the it WAS APPROVED, why was he fired? You have a process to get things printed, you dont just write a story for fox and publish it without anyone else knowing...this was more than one persons fault.

mfwahwah3176d ago

If a cop said to me "Oh is that marijuana? Oh I'm cool with that go ahead and take a hit!"

Then I took a hit.

He'd still bust me for smoking weed. There's a thing called "personal responsibility." He knew that what he was doing wasn't exactly A-Ok, so he should live with his deed.

And if he was getting paid 250 THOUSAND A YEAR, then I'm sure he has the credentials to get himself another job.

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