MGS4 / Killzone 2 PS3 bundle available ... now

Engadget: As Sony shoves one more PlayStation 3 bundle down our throats while we anxiously await the appearance of a slimmed-down version of the console, we have to admit that the game choices here are really top shelf. After catching wind of the Killzone 2 / Metal Gear Sold 4 PS3 bundle yesterday, we now have all the confirmation we need to believe that such a bundle is indeed filtering out to Best Buy stores.

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rucky3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Stupid media. Sony hasn't even officially announce the PS3 slim and yet they're acting like it's already confirmed.

lociefer3274d ago

next up: new ps3 bundle sold out at gamestop

JustinSaneV23274d ago

The bundle is being sold by Best Buy, not GameStop.

StanLee3274d ago

I really hope there isn't a PS3 slim on the way. I really think the PS3 needs to find it's identity with the mass consumer and a new designed SKU will hurt that. But anyone on the fence about getting a PS3, there is no longer an excuse. Go out there and get the console. It is worth it. This bundle will sellout by the Wednesday.

NOOBKILLA3274d ago

I think Sony should have sold this same bundle for $299 and wait on the (rumored) PS3 Slim announcement. That would have really helped them!! People aren't asking for a smaller PS3, they want a cheaper PS3!!

Anon19743274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"As Sony shoves one more PlayStation 3 bundle down our throats,"
But please, tell us how you really feel. I guess it's simply too much to ask that these sites just stick to reporting information without their own biased spin. What was I thinking?
And anyway, the nerve of Sony. How dare they offer consumers choice. Why, they're practically forcing these on us at gunpoint.
Way to go, Engadget.

MazzingerZ3274d ago

If the rumour about the slim is true then this is a great opportunity to get your hands on the "original" model, great piece of HW with top notch components...very similar to when the Emotion Engine HW would be taken out the PS3, many didn't wait for a price drop but bought the 60 gigger at launch price and even today I have yet to meet someone that regrets it.

MEsoJD3274d ago

Gamestop sucks

I go to bestbuy.

Rainstorm813274d ago

you get MGS arguably one of the best cinematic games of this generation and current console graphics leader in KZ2 a great FPS.

Most aspiring PS3 owners probably want at least 1 or both of these games.

Sarcasm3274d ago

How is Sony "Shoving" anything down anybody's throat? It's not like I'm held at gun point by Kaz Hirai telling me to buy the PS3 bundle.

Sony is basically selling the PS3 for $310 and stupid websites like this is complaining about it?

I think they would rather prefer being ripped off for a $100 wi-fi and $100 60gb HDD instead, or a $50/yearly subscription.

Lifendz3274d ago

stories of Sony losing billions and billions; stories about Sony releasing a new Playstation home console within 1-2 years; stories about Sony cutting the price and releasing a new sku soon,....

care to add on?

For a console that's apparently doing so badly with gamers, it sure does seem like all the gaming sites make nothing but Sony news.

Doppy3274d ago

This is by far the best bundle for hardcore gamers wanting a PS3. The Little Big Planet bundle is the best for casual so hopefully gamers will pick one of these up seeing, how the games buy themselves equal nearly $100 (MGS4 is now $30 and LBP comes with a Blu Ray). So the game are your price cut until the PS3 slim if there is one (which i believe there is) comes outs (which looks like it'll have a $100 price cut).

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JustinSaneV23274d ago

I would jump on this in a heartbeat if it weren't for the possibility of a price drop and a slimmed down PS3. Time will tell if my gamble pays off.

Serg3274d ago

Uhm, the bundle is 399$, Metal Gear Solid 4 is 30$ ( and Killzone 2 is 50$ (, so the system is 320$. What are you waiting for? For Sony to drop it to 300$ WITHOUT games?

This bundle is a steal if you ask me. You get a PS3 and 2 of the best games this gen. Go for it before it's too late.

Syronicus3274d ago

Have not been paying attention. Heck, SonyStyle has had several offers for the PS3 as low as 250.00 USD. This is a great deal and anybody that passes it up because the price is not low enough is simply making up excuses.

dericb113274d ago

He is one of those silly people waiting for a "Rumor". Funny thing is that if the PS3 Slim comes out the miss features and lack of 2 AAA titles means you get screwed.

I hope this sales a lot so we can get KZ2 sales up and bring in new players. And for MGS4 maybe increase sales so much Kojima gives us some trophies.

JustinSaneV23274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

The thing is I'm in no hurry what so ever to get a PS3 as long it remains as bulky as it is now. Knowing Sony THERE IS going to be a slimmer revamp down the line (PSX, PS2 Slim, PSP-2000/Go).

They also can't keep the console at $399/$499 forever. They're going to have to buckle at some point as that's just how technology works. I mean sure it's a great deal but then again having a slim PS3 would come in handy as it won't take up so much space in my entertainment center. Also, if Sony doesn't drop the price until next year or later and I decide not to get a PS3 until that moment then I'm sure Killzone 2 will be a Greatest Hit and MGS4 will be even cheaper.

Point being is that I'm perfectly content with the games for my PC for the time being. Sooner or later I'll get around to picking up the PS3 for its library of games but until my demands are met I'm not worried about it.

callahan093274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Will the PS3 slim actually cost less if they release one? Or will it be like the PSP Go, where it will cost more? My guess is the PS3 Slim will cost the same as the PS3 currently costs, and the PS3 models that exist today will get price drops.

Sarcasm3274d ago

Callahan has a point.

Although, Sony would just be shooting themselves in the foot again.

Why buy a (assuming) stripped version of the PS3 slim for $399 when you can buy a regular 80gb for $299 or this bundle that includes two hit games.

I hope Sony doesn't go that route of the PSPGo. They should just sell it for $299 and call it a day.

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ELite_Ghost3274d ago

Best next gen bundle ever!

morganfell3274d ago

Absolutley frackin a right.

JustinSaneV23274d ago

I'm pretty sure we're far enough into this cycle to call in current-gen now.

But this is indeed probably the most BA bundle since Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt for the NES.

Man_of_the_year3274d ago

I agree. This is a very hardcore bundle. Had i not already owned a PS3 with these 2 games i sure as heck would now. +bubbles to Sony for this bundle. Smart move on their part if i do say so myself.

FamilyGuy3273d ago

It's on sale RIGHT NOW on the Best Buy online store.

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ColossiSlayer3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Buy It. Play The Games Included. Only then will you understand what Play B3yond means...
To all haters of the PS3, actually play a game on the PS3, no wait just watch a friend play Warhawk, MotorStorm PR, Uncharted or MGO and tell me your not impressed. I find most haters have read negative things than actually played any of the impressive exclusives on the system.
But, this bundle is crazy, MGS one of the best 3rd person games of all time & KZ2 one of the best 1st person games of all time. Where do you go wrong?

morganfell3274d ago

Agreed. What a welcome to the PS2 world experience.

JustinSaneV23274d ago

Metal Gear Online would be more appealing if Konami would do something about all the glitching and hacking. Still a great game though.

Hutch23553274d ago

I am not sure anything will.

ultimolu3274d ago

If I didn't have a PS3 already, I'd be all over this one.

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morganfell3274d ago

I already have two PS3s and I bought this one as a gift for an acquaintance that is ready to make the jump.

ColossiSlayer3274d ago

To purchase PS3s 3 off of watching me play MGS, 2 off watching me play Warhawk & the last off the PSEye video chat.